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Development 65 proposes senior living in St. Anthony Village

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

We strive to find win-win solutions when designing and creating projects. In St. Anthony, we believe we plan to develop a project that will provide significant value to the community, preserve the intent behind the Horace-Cleveland aesthetic on Stinson Parkway, engage in a strong public-private partnership, and provide for a market need.

We have recently secured from the current landowner an option to purchase a 4-acre portion of land adjacent to the east side of Stinson Parkway and north of Kenzie where the current mobile home park is with an address of 2501 Lowry Avenue NE.

The development would be on the land parcel along Stinson Parkway on which mobile homes have yet to be located. On this parcel, Development 65, LLC has begun working with city officials to approve the development of a 125-unit senior living facility. This wonderful project will serve the many seniors of St. Anthony, nearby communities, and enhance the neighborhood. The current design can be found here.

The planned 125-unit senior living facility will include independent, assisted living, and memory care units to serve the varying needs of our seniors who reside in St. Anthony and the surrounding area. Development 65 is working closely with the City’s leadership and staff to develop a carefully planned, compliant, and attractive facility that we believe will be a long-term valued asset to both the neighborhood and the local community. If everything is approved at the city level, Development 65 anticipates the start of project construction to take place at the beginning of Fall 2020 with a completion in late Spring of 2022.

Our team understands the importance of keeping our neighbors informed about our project. To best support this goal and to have the opportunity to meet many of our project’s neighbors, we will be hosting a neighborhood meeting on February 18, 2020 at St. Anthony Community Center. We welcome our neighbors and any other residents of the Village of St. Anthony or surrounding neighbors to attend.

This meeting is for informational purposes, to share many details about the project with the community, to answer questions, to be proactive in addressing any concerns, and to receive feedback from our valued neighbors and community residents as we move through the development process. This informational meeting is not a public hearing, as no elected city officials or staff are required to be in attendance. Any future public hearings regarding this project will be scheduled and posted via the regular City process.

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